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blue host webmail is a well known hosting company that offers various servers ranging from domain registration to email hosting and web hosting services. If you want to know more about the company, please read our detailed BlueHost review, where you will find statistics on uptime and performance, personal experience and more useful information about bluehost webmail.

Often we come across the same question, so we wanted to clarify this. We were asked if BlueHost offers webmail access. In short, Yes! BlueHost offers webmail access via its platform.

What is Webmail and Why Should You Use It?

BlueHost offers many features to its customers, including webmail access. Webmail is a web-based email solution that allows the user to access their bluehost gmail account through a web browser.

In most cases, people choose to send and receive emails using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera Mail or other. Setting up an bluehost gmail setup account with your favorite email client is a long and tedious task. If you use multiple devices for work and want to access your email on each device, you will need to install the email client and set up an email on each device. The webmail application simply saves you from having to worry about everything and allows you to access your email instantly.

With bluehost webmail login, you will be able to perform the same tasks as with any email client. The only difference is that you will be able to read and write your emails from your web browser. You will also need to remember your email address and password to log in from Firefox, Chrome, Opera or your favorite browser.

So if you want to access your emails on the go, webmail is definitely a good solution to read and send emails safely.

Webmail clients available at BlueHost

When you first access the BlueHost webmail application, you will be asked to choose a webmail client. You can choose between Roundcube, Horde or SquirrelMail. You can choose a different webmail client each time you log in to your account, or you can choose the auto-load feature if you already have a favorite.

Roundcube: is the most popular webmail client used by BlueHost customers and looks the same as any other email application with the difference that it works in your web browser. You can import and manage your address book and you can also organize your folders. Writing emails is simple with the HTML text composer and spell checker. You can set up predefined responses to save even more time.
Horde: is the complete solution for managing emails, calendars, notes, and tasks. Its main feature, however, is the collaboration application. It allows you to share calendars, notes, and tasks with your colleagues, who should certainly also use Horde.
SquirelMail: is the simplest webmail client you will find on the market. Unlike Roundcube or Horde, this email client has fewer features. It comes with a user-friendly interface and offers more customization options than the other two.

How to Access BlueHost Webmail?

bluehost webmail login ,bluehost webmail,bluehost webmail logi,bluehost webmail login,bluehost webmail client

You don't need to configure anything because the webmail is fully online. You can access it in three different ways:

Option 1: using any web browser, go to, type in your email address and password and click Login.
Option 2: Log in to your control panel at and click Hosting > Email Menu. Find the e-mail address you want to access and click View Inbox. This will bring you to the login page, where you will need to type your email address and password.
Option 3: You can set up a custom subdomain for your main domain that redirects to the webmail client. To do so, you will first need to log in to your email using one of the methods mentioned above and copy the URL from the browser. In the control panel, you will need to set up a subdomain such as and redirect it to the URL you just copied. The next time you access the subdomain, it will take you directly to the email login page.

IMAP or POP3 - Which protocol to choose?

Using webmail is a great option to access your email from anywhere; however, you can also have an email client on your main computer, which you use most for your work. If you want to set up your email to Thunderbird or another email client, you will need to choose a protocol.

When you send an email, the message will be stored on a mail server. You can configure the email application to retrieve email from mail servers using two different protocols: POP3 or IMAP. This causes a lot of confusion for users, mainly because they cannot decide which protocol to use.

IMAP: This setting allows you to access your email on multiple devices. Several users can also access the same email account. So if someone reads, replies, transfers, deletes or manages the e-mail, the changes will be saved on the mail server and will be synchronized with all e-mail clients that are connected to that account via IMAP.
POP3: This configuration allows you to access your e-mail on a single device. Most email clients that are configured with POP3 will delete messages from the server, and will only be stored on the device where your email client is installed. You should not use this protocol if you want to have a copy saved on the mail server, where you can access your email whenever you need it.

Potential problems with the email client or webmail

BlueHost is a reliable hosting provider and most of the time everything works perfectly. However, due to technical problems, you may not be able to send or receive email from both the email client and the webmail. This can be caused by several things like :

The maximum number of emails per hour: By default, BlueHost limits each client to a maximum of 150 emails per hour. In a day-to-day situation, when sending business emails, this number will not be a problem. But if you send an email to your mailing list, which contains more than 150 recipients, you will be notified by the system that you have exceeded the maximum number of emails. If you have more than 150 email subscribers, you can divide it into several lists, and schedule the emails at different times. Redirections can also cause similar problems. So always check these two points before contacting support. If you want to increase the number of emails you can send per hour, you should contact support and give them details of why you need the limit increase.
Emails cannot be sent: There may be several reasons why you get this error message when you try to send an email. Your webspace is pretty full, and you can't save the email on the mail server, or the email address you are trying to send doesn't exist. In the latter case, the email will be returned as undelivered.
The mail server is down: due to technical problems, sent emails may be queued on the BlueHost proxy server. In this case, you should wait a few hours before trying to resend the email.


As you may remember, login bluehost offers a feature-rich service when it comes to email. Their web-based email application will allow anyone to easily access and manage their email from anywhere, securely. If you're looking for a reliable hosting that offers an easy-to-use webmail application, BlueHost should be at the top of your consideration list. If you're ready to buy BlueHost, I recommend you take a look at the Bluehost discount codes available to save money on your purchase.