Ipage Reviews

With a multitude of offerings covering many aspects of website server technology, iPage web hosting is a solid choice for current and future webmasters. Not only will technology enthusiasts find a lot to like about this platform, but designers will also love it, thanks to an excellent selection of iPage templates for websites. And if you want to use the world's most popular content management system with iPage, WordPress integration is easy to set up.

The packages offered by iPage

  • Shared web hosting solutions
  • Dedicated server and VPS hosting solutions
  • Cloud server hosting solutions

  • The prices offered

    The hosting provider regularly offers offers offers and discounts on the first month of use, with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. Alternatively, there are three iPage hosting plans available, each with reduced prices for longer contracts. Before entering your payment details, you will have the option to add special extras for an additional cost. If you want to change providers and keep your domain, there is a non-refundable fee of $15.

    Support and assistance

    The company claims to answer calls within an average of one minute. With 24/7 support available via email, chat and an American toll-free number, users are generally impressed with iPage customer support. The supplier seems to go further with support services, offering a large online help section, an effective ticketing system for customer problems and quality assurance tests of their staff to ensure that they know their products.

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    iPage services


    Similar to most other web hosts, the company offers an ever popular shared hosting plan. One difference, however, is that this company has only one type of shared plan, and no monthly payment option, so you will need to register for at least one year of service in advance. You will have access to a Linux or Windows server that is easy to use and offers a ton of add-ons.


    If you are looking for speed, power and complete control, an iPage dedicated server should meet your expectations. The dedicated hosting options available from this company stand out over other top web hosts, and the cost of iPage packages is quite comparable to others. There is nothing particularly remarkable about the dedicated plans of this platform, but if your company's success depends on the accessibility and responsiveness of your website at any time, a dedicated server on iPage is certainly worthwhile.


    If you need a hosting plan that gives your website the flexibility of a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost, a virtual private server (VPS) could be exactly what you are looking for. With an iPage VPS plan, you can install almost any type of software on the system, and configure it as you wish. VPS plans do not always offer the same level of speed as dedicated options, but this should not be an obstacle for most small business owners.


    The company's spirit is really reflected in its VPS hosting service. Founded by fans of open-source computing, VPS is designed for open-source developers, integrating Node.js and Ruby Version Manager (RVM). As a fan of eco-hosting, the company's use of solid-state hard drives (SSDs) that are more efficient than hard drives. The result is increased speed, scalability and power for designers, developers and businesses. Some DreamHost VPS reviews hit the memory mount that is included with the $15 per month base plan. The reality is that most VPS candidates are looking for a larger memory, placing them in one of the higher planes.


    As far as iPage Web hosting is concerned, the richness of features at a very reasonable price must be the biggest selling point of this platform. But this economic service is not limited to bargain prices. If you can go beyond the unattractive and slightly confusing front-end, you will find solid customer support and many options for everyone, from e-commerce salespeople and personal bloggers, to new users and experienced webmasters. The integrated Weebly site builder, drag and drop, makes it easy for beginners to get started, while scalable bandwidth and MySQL databases make it an affordable option for experienced users with high demands.

    The characteristics of the iPage web host

  • ✔ Free domain
  • ✔Domain name transfer
  • ✔Subdomain
  • ✔24/7 support
  • ✖Telephone support
  • ✔Live chat support
  • ✔E-mail addresses
  • ✔POP e-mail addresses
  • ✔IMAP e-mail addresses
  • ✔Unlimited bandwidth
  • ✔MySQL database
  • ✔SEO Tools
  • ✖FTP accounts
  • ✔Website creation software
  • ✔CMS available in pre-installation
  • ✔DDOS and SPAM protection
  • ✔PHP
  • ✖Bonus coupon