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Since the company offers so many different hosting options, budget-conscious people looking to create an online portfolio can benefit from shared hosting technologies. WordPress hosting is an excellent option for bloggers who need a high quality content management system (CMS). Large organizations that need scalability, flexibility and control could benefit from other DreamHost web hosting services. Theoretically, the company has a plan for almost all online projects.

Expert review on DreamHost

Founded in 1996, DreamHost is one of the oldest and most reliable hosts in the industry, currently hosting approximately 1.5 million websites. Offering a wide range of cheap and mid-range hosting subscriptions, DreamHost's main selling point is the quality of its hosting infrastructures with a wide range of features and tools. We tested DreamHost and found that the services offered are as intuitive and generous as advertised. Overall, DreamHost performed well on many of our key indicators: reliable availability, fast loading times, easy-to-use basic and advanced features, and flawless server-side settings. The service still has some progress to make in diversifying customer support channels.

The formulas proposed by DreamHost

  • Shared web hosting solutions
  • Dedicated web hosting solutions
  • VPS Server Hosting Solutions
  • Cloud Server Hosting Solutions
  • Domain name registrar: 300 extensions available

  • Prices and payment methods

    DreamHost's pricing ranges from affordable to mid-range, with basic offers similar to the most affordable subscriptions available on the market, while advanced offers tend towards mid-range. Shared hosting subscriptions start at $2.59 per month and include 1 website and a free SSL certificate. WordPress hosting comes with an assortment of hosting bonuses. Starting at $2.59 per month, the basic shared WordPress package includes daily backups and automatic updates. For more advanced WordPress users, DreamPress Pro starts at 71.95 per month and offers priority support, on-demand backups and a free professional Jetpack. The host's VPS hosting also offers a good price/quality ratio. The VPS Basic offer starts at $13.75 and provides you with 1GB of RAM and 30GB of SSD storage. Dreamhost's dedicated hosting is positioned on the highest side of the affordable range, even if it offers you a good quality/price ratio. Starting at $169 per month, the subscription provides shell and root access and DDoS protection. Many offers provide for resale, although no subscription is dedicated to this activity. Overall, DreamHost subscriptions are affordable, even if they are not the cheapest offer on the market. It is possible to reduce your total costs by taking out a three-year contract, even though it is a long commitment period.

    Support and assistance

    Support is an area of activity in which the company could make some changes. Don't bother looking for a DreamHost phone number if you need help; you won't find one. The company does not offer any assistance by telephone. Instead, the support essentially consists of a help form, the community wiki and the DreamHost forum. For an additional $14.95 per month, users can sign up for premium support. One of the advantages of the premium service is that you can ask DreamHost to contact you on a monthly basis to see if everything is going well.

    Performance test of the DreamHost website


    The characteristics of the DreamHost web host

    Having been around since 1996, the organization has developed alongside facilitating industry advances and is always adding new perspectives to a portion of its crucial highlights. Your free DreamHost space enables you to have and oversee boundless subdomains. You can make numerous, profound destinations at no additional expense. Since Solid State Drives (SSD) are utilized by DreamHost, reinforcement, storing, and database questions perform a lot quicker. The organization has its very own control board which supports the document administrator, MySQL database, and outsider CMS programming. One of my preferred highlights, however, is the DreamHost Status page. Facilitated outside of the organization's primary system (in the event of significant personal time), this page is committed to data about assistance issues, changes, and updates.

    The characteristics of the DreamHost web host

    Advantages :

  • Ability to test DreamHost with monthly subscriptions that allow you to cancel at any time,without any penalty.
  • 97-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try the product carefully before committing to it.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space to design extraordinary websites.
  • High levels of customization through DreamHost's suite of various development tools.
  • Troubleshooting using DreamHost's expert customer support team through a ticket system, available 24/7 all year round.
  • SSD storage for the fast loading times you need to improve your SEO ranking and customer engagement.
  • Develop your website easily in a few clicks.
  • Boast the unfailing reliability of your website with features that include near-perfect availability and free SSL
  • certificates with each subscription.
    Disadvantages :

  • The host's customer support offers only two communication channels: a ticket system, with limited reminders for basic subscriptions, and limited instant messaging chat times.
  • You must pay to take advantage of DreamHost's website creator, Remixer.
  • Unlike some of its competitors, DreamHost does not offer free migration services, but customer support is available to guide you through the process.


    The company's spirit is really reflected in its VPS hosting service. Founded by fans of open-source computing, VPS is designed for open-source developers, integrating Node.js and Ruby Version Manager (RVM). As a fan of eco-hosting, the company's use of solid-state hard drives (SSDs) that are more efficient than hard drives. The result is increased speed, scalability and power for designers, developers and businesses. Some DreamHost VPS reviews hit the memory mount that is included with the $15 per month base plan. The reality is that most VPS candidates are looking for a larger memory, placing them in one of the higher planes.

    User reviews

    We use a variety of methods and a long test period to produce our expert opinions on web hosting services. For a complete evaluation of DreamHost, check out our user reviews and find out what ordinary users are saying about the host.


    DreamHost combines affordable rates with a wide range of features and tools to offer basic and advanced subscriptions that are well balanced. We found that beginners can move quickly through the system using intuitive tools such as the one-click installer and DreamHost's custom cPanel. Although contacting customer support agents may take time, once it is done they are able to quickly solve problems. DreamHost truly shines by providing a software environment that is conducive to growth. As a host born from an open source project and still contributing to this community, DreamHost seems to want to offer the best to developers. Advanced features such as the number of programming languages and support for these languages, an unlimited number of MySQL databases and SFTP users, allow us to collaboratively design a unique background for our test site.