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Best website builder of 2020

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Best website builder of 2020

Web designers have been around for decades, but a new generation is now exploiting new technologies such as responsive and mobile platforms. A website designer can help individuals or businesses create anything from a simple one-page site to a professional online store, even if you have no experience with design or HTML. 

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a multinational corporation, almost every business needs an online presence - in other words, a website. An increasing number of companies are adding features such as a mailing list or form, domain name registration and much more.

Even if you don't sell products online, a site can help people find you, learn more about your skills and services, and share your contact information with other potential customers. It's like having a permanent personal assistant, always on call, ready to answer questions. And website designers can even be free.

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 More experienced users can customize and refine the design to meet their own needs, or perhaps install a more traditional web design package that allows them to build the perfect site from scratch.

There are free options available, but they often have major restrictions, including limits on the size of the site and no ability to use your own domain. Fortunately, the commercial options are very reasonably priced, ranging from around £5/$5 to £10/$10 per month, with hosting included.

To help you choose the option that best suits your needs, we have chosen the cream of the crop: the top five players in the web design world today. 


wix website,free website builder,website builder,website maker,free website builder

Wix is one of the most popular online web designers, offering a range of plans and products. The free version has the Wix brand, limited storage space (500MB) and bandwidth, but upgrade to the most popular plan (unlimited) and there is no Wix advertising. You get unlimited bandwidth (hence the name) and 10GB of storage, as well as a free domain, Google ad coupons and much more. E-commerce plans start with the "Business Basic" plan for $17 (£13.30) per month.

An excellent collection of more than 500 models allows a quick start to the design process. The drag-and-drop editor gives you all sorts of tools and features to explore - an image editor, video wallpapers, animations, social buttons, an integrated site blog - and just about everything can be modified, adjusted and redesigned. Besides, Wix has recently introduced the Wix Turbo, which dramatically increases the speed and performance of websites.

All the basic editing features are really well designed, and work more like a native application than the average website builder. Wix has some weaknesses, with technical support that seems a bit sluggish and limited in some ways. But there's no denying that the superb editor and the range of top-notch templates make it easy for website building novices to create something impressive.

2. 1&1 IONOS

wix website,free website builder,website builder,website maker,free website builder

There's a lot to love here in terms of a powerful drag and drop editor with professional features and highly customizable templates, but from the outset, let's be clear that this is not the cheapest service on the market.

There is no free package (or even a trial - although there is a 30-day money-back guarantee), and the most basic package is $1 (£1 for the UK) for the first month, rising to $5 per month (£5 for the UK) thereafter. This gives you unlimited pages and webspace, a simple integrated blog, limited SEO settings, plus website backup and restore, so it's a bit expensive for what you get.

That said, 1&1 IONOS MyWebsite offers a wide range of responsive templates and an editor that offers many possibilities for adjustments and modifications, all with plenty of visual comments and context menus to help streamline the entire process. What's smart here is that the high-level elements are easy to use and understand for beginners, but expert users can delve deeper into the menus to really play with and customize the elements. You also get free help from your own personal consultant.

Other useful features include the ability to point to your old website to import media content from there directly into your new site. This could be a huge time saver for some. There is also an e-commerce plan starting at $20 per month.


wix website,free website builder,website builder,website maker,free website builder

Weebly is another great name in the world of website building that offers a powerful editor and a powerful feature set. There is a free plan, which like Wix limits the space to 500MB and imposes ads on your site.

However, if you switch to the Professional plan - at $12 (£9.5) per month - the ads and storage limit are dropped, and you get a free domain, and even support for an online store containing up to 25 products. The Supercharged Business plan allows you to create sites with unlimited online store products and premium store features such as product reviews and discount coupons for $25 (£19) per month.

The service offers hundreds of professionally designed website templates, covering just about every type of website. The drag-and-drop editor is well designed, although you don't have full control over where you can position items on the page, and the interface can seem a bit cluttered. Another problem is that there is no global Undo function.

Like Wix, we found the technical support to be a bit wobbly in terms of slow responses, but Weebly offers a lot of powerful features, some very stylish templates, and easy access to free images for your site is another definite plus.


wix website,free website builder,website builder,website maker,free website builder

As we've seen, many web designers cater to the novice and make life easier for the less experienced, but what about the experts who want powerful low-level control? These are the users that Voog has in mind.

So you don't have a lot of templates here, for example, and media support is minimal - but you get a compact drag-and-drop editor that does its best to stay out of your way. There are weaknesses here, and the interface is a bit clumsy in some ways - and it's another one that lacks a global undo function - but it has real power that you can explore.

For example, clicking on a text box gives you the ability to use bulleted lists, insert tables or videos, or even edit the HTML source to customize the effects. Voog also makes it easy for multiple users to collaborate on a site project, and if you're looking for clever and unusual features like these, you won't see them anywhere else.

The entry-level Standard package is priced at $8.80 (£7.10) per month (annual billing) and offers you 5GB of storage and all the basic features you'll need, including SSL security (although limited to 30 pages). If you know what you're doing in terms of website design and want real power and customization capabilities, there is a 30-day trial version that 
you can buy (no credit card information is required).


wix website,free website builder,website builder,website maker,free website builder

Jimdo is a somewhat eccentric website builder that's mainly aimed at novice users, but it deserves your attention for several reasons, not the least of which is that it's not a free package that boasts an above-average value.

Yes, there are the usual limitations, including ads, a 500MB storage limit, no custom domains, and very limited SEO. But there are a few features you won't get in other free packages, such as a password-protected area, for example.

The editor of the site itself is simple and consistent, even if it is somewhat unconventional in its design. In addition, the editor does not have as many functions and features as some of its competitors. For example, there aren't many templates, and the widgets offered aren't as numerous as elsewhere - and there's no overall overload (although Jimdo isn't the only one to do so).

Another interesting point is a good knowledge base on the web, which means that help is usually available when it comes to solving problems. All in all, it's a convincing product that's worth a look.